Equipments and Materials for Hospitals

Clinical furniture
• Medical tables for examinations, operating table, beds/mattresses/bed bases/cushions
• Soundproofed modules
• Ergonomic chairs, wheelchairs, bath seats for WC
• Furniture for waiting room and consultation
Disposable material
• Caps, gowns and shoes, bibs, surgical gloves, aprons and clamps, disposable lancets, vaginal speculum, disposable masks, incontinence, bandages and dressings
• Electrodes, surgical stapler/staple remover, needles and syringes, scalpel blades, liners and sheets for stretchers, covers for dental chairs
• Paper for electrocardiograms
• Action cameras
• Vibrating platforms
• Cardio
• Bodybuilder
• Monitoring
• Electrostimulators
Safety clothing
• Biological/chemical protection, disposable work clothing, high visibility clothing, safety shoes
• Safety mats
• Respiratory protection
• Scrubs, ergonomics
• X-Ray shields