Our mission is to solve problems and meet the needs of our customers, in the shortest time, with the best relation cost / quality, always in a spirit of close proximity.


At XPORD LDA we value seriousness and competence very much. To meet the needs of our customers, we must be good professionals and be able to solve the problems of others as if they were our own.

So when we are asked for anything within our competencies, we will do everything to meet and resolve the requests of our customers.


XPORD LDA was born from the need to meet the requests of some partners, who operate in different sectors and in different countries. Thus, it brought together some professionals with experience in the African continent and in Portugal and began to make procurement to meet the needs of these partners.

From the fisheries sector to agriculture, through the construction and real estate industry, XPORD LDA has a vast experience and know-how transmitted by the group of people who have joined in this project.